Thursday, September 04, 2003

From KYTV (MO):
Canadian mail order prescriptions may soon cost more
The backlash over Canadian mail order pharmacies continues. Now America’s largest drug company is trying to shut them down while at the same time take away cheaper medications for countless seniors. Storefronts like Shop Canada Rx have been incredibly successful at saving seniors as much as 80% on prescriptions because Canada puts a cap on the cost of medications.

U.S. based Pfizer Incorporated and three other drug companies have cut supplies to Canadian pharmacies that order more than their domestic market dictates. This prevents them from reselling medication to American customers. In response, many Canadian pharmacies have shut down or have been forced to raise their prices. Pfizer says it’s because it is risky to take medication from Canada. Shop Canada Rx says there is no proof of higher risk with Canadian drugs, and not providing seniors with low prices is a real risk.

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