Sunday, November 09, 2008

Downtown Walgreens to focus on HIV/AIDS

I think it's pretty interesting that some of the bigger pharmacy chains are starting to develop niche markets. Typically this has been the domain of independent pharmacies.

From the Indianapolis Star:
Walgreens is reaching out to people with HIV and AIDS by creating a hub store in Downtown Indianapolis to meet their needs.

Staffed with a pharmacist trained to help HIV patients, the store reflects the nationwide drugstore chain's new strategy of providing customized services to those with certain diseases.

"The company is changing from most people's image of Walgreens, where you have four brick walls, Snickers bars and greeting cards and school supplies," said Bruce Hinshaw, health-care market leader for Walgreen Co. for the Indianapolis/ Central Indiana market. "It's always been a health-care company, and I think Walgreens is saying, 'That's our strength. Let's go back to our core strength.' "

In New Castle, this approach has translated into a pharmacy that offers compounding services. Later, Indianapolis could see a store with a specialty in diabetes care, Hinshaw said. Other Walgreens stores around the country specialize in services for those with respiratory problems, tumors or cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis. ...more

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