Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Canadians 'where no one else has gone'

From the Globe and Mail:
Last summer, when Jurgen Schreiber reviewed his latest batch of consumer research reports, one item in particular grabbed his attention: For the first time, just about as many consumers thought about Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. for beauty products as they did for its pharmacy.

The finding was the catalyst for Mr. Schreiber, chief executive officer of Shoppers, to decide to expand even further into high-end makeup and fragrances.

Shoppers had already built a network of in-store beauty boutiques stocked with some high-end (and high-margin) brands. Now Mr. Schreiber wanted more.

This month, Shoppers launched its first Murale store, a standalone upscale beauty and spa retailer with 200 brands such as Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Estée Lauder - more than 16 times more labels as in a Shoppers beauty boutique. Prices range from $1,060 for a jar of Natura Bisse skin cream from Spain to $12 for eye shadows.

While Mr. Schreiber didn't plan for the launch to come in an economic downturn, he's resigned to the fact - and not letting it deter his plans. ...more

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