Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pharmacists' care drops blood pressure: study

From the Edmonton Journal:
Patients with high blood pressure who received enhanced care from pharmacists saw their blood pressure go down more than patients who received normal care from their pharmacists and family doctors, a new study has found.

The drop reduces a patient's risk for stroke by 30 per cent and risk of heart attack by 23 per cent, as long as the patient maintains the lowered blood pressure long-term, said Dr. Ross Tsuyuki, a pharmacist and the senior author of a paper published Monday in the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine.

"That's what we were really excited about -- a 30-per-cent reduction in stroke is quite a bit," Tsuyuki said.

He enlisted the help of pharmacists in 14 Medicine Shoppe pharmacies in urban Edmonton, Mill Woods, Sherwood Park and Spruce Grove, who identified 227 diabetic patients whose blood pressure was above the recommended 130/80 millimetres of mercury for diabetics. High blood pressure is anything above 140/90. ...more

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