Monday, November 24, 2008

Pharmacist Donates Kidney to Customer After Falling in Love

From ABC News:
Some romances build over dinner and flowers. This one blossomed over medication and dialysis.

A pharmacist in Kansas donated her kidney to a customer she fell in love with.

What began as a simple pharmacist-customer relationship turned into much more for Julie Wallace and Justin Lister, who struck up a friendship, then a romance that led to Wallace giving Lister a kidney.

When they met a little more than a year ago, Wallace, 46, was working as a pharmacist and manager at Dillon's grocery store pharmacy in McPherson, Kan., where Lister, 26, was dragging himself in to pick up a cocktail of prescriptions for his kidney disease.

"He kept coming into the pharmacy, getting all kinds of medication and just looking really bad," Wallace told "I told him that if there's anything I can ever do for him to let me know." ...more

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