Wednesday, October 01, 2003

From the Detroit News:
Michigan may buy Canada drugs
The state of Michigan may follow the lead of hundreds of Michigan senior citizens who regularly save money by purchasing their prescription drugs from Canada.

A spokesman for the Michigan Department of Community Health said Gov. Jennifer Granholm is interested in recent moves by Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa to investigate buying drugs from Canada for state workers and Medicaid recipients.

From the Toronto Star:
FDA gets tough on mailed Cdn drugs
In a major acceleration of its war against cheaper imported drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it will crack down on mail shipments from Canada.

With limited manpower, the FDA has often looked the other way while millions of Americans crossed the border or ordered drugs on the Internet, often at less than half the price they'd pay at home, where no price controls exist.

From WJRT (MI):
New business may come to Flint
A new business may be coming to Genesee County, but the news isn't sitting well with local pharmacists. The American Drug Club may soon open its doors in the Flint area.

From KOTV (OK):
Entrepreneur Carl Moore vows to fight government over Canadian drugs
Carl Moore has made _ and lost _ money lots of different ways. In oil. In water, too.

This time, he says, it feels different. As the founder of a chain of storefronts that help seniors buy cheap prescription drugs from Canada, Moore has a sense he is doing good, and that his cause is worth the battle against state and federal regulators trying to shut him down.

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