Wednesday, February 11, 2004

From the Calgary Sun:
Spin off of vaccine maker raises questions over federal pandemic flu plan
The backbone of the federal pandemic flu plan, which will be released Thursday, is a contract to buy enough vaccine to inoculate all Canadians. But a question mark is hanging over the future of the vaccine manufacturer, leaving some to wonder how firm that backbone really is.

From the San Jose Mercury News:
LA councilman proposes city buy Canadian drugs
A city council member proposed Tuesday that Los Angeles buy cheaper prescription drugs in Canada to supply tens of thousands of jail inmates, disabled workers and retirees, even though it is illegal.

Councilman Dennis Zine submitted a motion to have the city turn to suppliers in Canada to meet the needs of its workers' compensation program and certain other employee drug programs, such as those for retired Fire Department personnel.

From WEEK-TV (Ill.):
Prescription Drug Debate
The solution to skyrocketing prescription drug prices is stirring up a debate between patients and pharmacists.

News 25's Jeff Muniz shows us how one Peoria mother and daughter are fighting higher prices by going to our neighbor to the north,Canada. In turn, that has neighborhood Pharmacists concerned.

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