Wednesday, February 11, 2004

From the Champlain (VT) Channel:
Benson Defends Prescription Drug Program
Gov. Craig Benson officially outlined his plan to allow New Hampshire residents to but cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, deflecting criticism that the plan is unsafe and illegal.

Federal law prohibits buying Canadian drugs, but the governor is taking advantage of new federal legislation that allows for exceptions to that rule. Benson said he sent a letter to Health and Human Services director Tommy Thompson asking for permission to buy prescription medications in Canada.

From WESH-TV (Fla.):
Truth Test: Are Bush Drug Ads Misleading?
...the claim that you won't be able to get cheaper prescriptions from Canada is false. While it's true the government technically prohibits importing drugs from foreign countries, the fact is 1.2 million Americans go to businesses or simply use the Internet in their homes to order Canadian drugs by mail. The Food and Drug Administration said it has no plans to take legal action against people who buy their prescriptions this way.

From the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin:
Plan for Canadian drugs gets mixed state reviews
A proposal that would allow ConnPACE participants to buy prescription drugs from Canada -- and waive their co-payments for each purchase -- received mixed reviews at public hearing Tuesday at the state Capitol.

"Given the amount of money it could save, it's irresponsible not to look into it," said Gretchen Vivier from the Health Care for All Coalition, an organization representing 37 groups including the Eastern Connecticut Area Agency on Aging.

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