Sunday, February 29, 2004

From the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press:
PRESCRIPTION DRUG REIMPORTATION: Canadian firm fights exports
Canada's largest drug company stepped up efforts to block exports of prescription drugs to the United States on Thursday, shutting off shipments to two wholesalers who allegedly supplied medicine to pharmacies that sold to Americans.

The move by Pfizer Canada Inc. is the first of its kind by a drug maker. While Pfizer said it was taking the action "to protect the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply system," critics in Canada and the United States said the company was just trying to stop the rising flow of cheap prescription medications across the border.

From the Champlain (NY) Channel:
Sanders Calls FDA Statement 'Outrageous'
Vermont Rep. Bernie Sanders is demanding an apology from the federal Food and Drug Administration for what he calls a "smear campaign" against the City of Burlington and Canadian pharmacies.

Sanders is demanding the apology after a top FDA official labeled Canadian drugs "risky" and "substandard" when Burlington revealed a new program to help residents buy pharmaceuticals from Canada -- often for half the price of the same drug in the United States.

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