Monday, February 09, 2004

From CBC Saskatchewan:
Pharmacist to get $550,000 for defamation
The Saskatchewan court of appeal upheld a decision to award $550,000 to a pharmacist driven out of business by lies spread by a local doctor.

Harvey Duke used to own a drugstore in Broadview. Dr. Marc Puts drove Duke out of business by spreading lies about the pharmacy.

Puts was telling people the pharmacist was a crook. So Duke sued for defamation and won more than two years ago.

From the (Palm Springs, CA) Desert Sun:
Firms offer path to Canadian drugs
Andrea Berger has seen customers break down in tears of relief when they realize how much money they’ll be saving on prescription drugs ordered from Canadian pharmacies.

She and her husband, Richard Berger, have co-operated Ameri Can Rx Inc. since last April, and are exclusive dealers for three Canadian pharmacies in the Coachella Valley, and have developed a customer base of over 1,000 regulars.

From the WGAL Channel (Penn.):
Canadian Drugs May Not Be Canadian
Prescription drugs that come from Canada may not be Canadian at all.

The Food and Drug Administration says some of the drugs are actually made in India, the Philippines, and Thailand and are simply routed through Canada. Some women who thought they were getting a great deal on birth control patches may end up with babies instead.

From the Boston Channel:
Albano Launches Pro-Canadian Drugs Speaking Tour
Former Springfield Mayor Michael Albano is continuing to urge municipalities to buy prescription drugs from Canada.

Albano launched a six-city speaking tour in Providence this weekend that will also take him to Seattle and San Antonio.

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