Saturday, February 28, 2004

From the Montgomery County (MD) Sentinel:
Perez Calls for Drug Imports From Canada
The legality, safety and cost effectiveness of a proposal to import prescription drugs from Canada for the county's active and retired employees on a voluntary basis was discussed on Monday at a public forum. The forum was hosted by Councilmember Tom Perez.

Since last November, Perez and a task force of benefits managers and union leaders from the county's agencies have been studying the feasibility of this approach, which has already been adopted by several jurisdiction throughout the country.

From the Brattleboro (VT) Reformer:
Sanders optimistic on drug re-importation from Canada
With election-year politics propelling controversial issues to the forefront on Capitol Hill, Rep. Bernard Sanders believes this momentum may open a window for drug re-importation from Canada to become a legal reality.

As many Democrats argue that President Bush is backing a Constitutional amendment in an attempt to appeal to his conservative base, Sanders said a reversal in the president's opposition to drug re-importation would connect with the Middle America he needs to win a second term.

From the Oscala (FL) Star Banner:
U.S. to Study Importing Canada Drugs but Choice of Leader Prompts Criticism
Hoping to mollify its critics, the Bush administration said Wednesday that it would conduct a yearlong study of how prescription drugs might be safely imported from Canada. But it then infuriated the critics by selecting Dr. Mark B. McClellan, the commissioner of food and drugs, to lead the study.

Dr. McClellan has adamantly opposed any relaxation of the rules barring drug imports. He says such imports would be unsafe, and his agency has threatened legal action against cities and states that help people import Canadian drugs.

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