Sunday, February 08, 2004

From WTOP News:
FDA Lukewarm on Reimportation
Federal and state lawmakers are clamoring for it and seniors are demanding it, but the Food and Drug Administration is decidedly lukewarm about reimporting drugs from Canada or anywhere else.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan told pharmaceutical industry officials at the recent World Health Care Congress his agency is looking at the "consequences and benefits" of reimportation and trying to figure out whether it would produce the cost savings lawmakers and seniors hope it would.

From the Globe and Mail:
Doctor's insurance group drops on-line prescription coverage
Canadian doctors who co-sign prescriptions for Americans in search of cheaper drugs can no longer count on the Canadian Medical Protective Association for help in defending themselves against legal actions.

The non-profit organization, which provides insurance for doctors, said Monday it would no longer provide coverage for a "risky activity" that has been denounced by provincial and territorial licensing bodies.

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