Tuesday, February 10, 2004

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From the Herald News (Mass.):
Kerry favors importing cheaper Canadian drugs
Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry said Wednesday he favors allowing cheaper prescription drugs into the country from Canada and using the buying power of the federal government to drive down prices.

Offering a package of health care proposals in response to President Bush’s State of the Union address, Kerry said as president he would end the role of brokers and middlemen who drive up prescription costs.

From the Journal News (NY):
New Westchester discount drug program faces federal scrutiny
Westchester residents will be able to buy low-cost medications from Canada under a discount drug service launched yesterday by county officials.

But that program, known as WestchesterRx, is already facing scrutiny from Food and Drug Administration officials who say it is illegal to bring prescription drugs from outside the country into the United States.

From the Virginian Pilot:
Va. panel nixes buying prescription drugs from Canada
A House committee on Thursday killed legislation that would have allowed the state to purchase inexpensive prescription drugs from Canada.

Del. Richard H. Black's proposal would have applied only to state-sponsored medical programs, including those for state employees and retirees. Black, R-Loudoun, estimated the program would save Virginia about $90 million a year.

From the Sacramento Bee:
Lawmakers look north for savings on prescriptions
Anxious to avoid more than $3 billion in proposed budget cuts to health programs, California lawmakers Tuesday explored whether the state might save hundreds of millions of dollars buying drugs from Canada.

Without federal approval, the state action would violate U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules. Still, California and several other states have started looking north for cheaper prescription medicines as soaring drug costs and ballooning budget deficits have made health officials increasingly desperate for more ways to save patients money on drugs.

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