Sunday, February 15, 2004

From the Sacramento Bee:
More shop for drugs in Canada
The controversy over drug imports also has heated up in the last year because cash-strapped states and cities, faced with steep increases in drug costs for government health programs, have pressured federal authorities for permission to purchase prescriptions from Canada. California is one of at least 11 states looking north for drugs. Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the many cities doing the same.

Today, though it is illegal, an estimated 1 million Americans buy drugs from Canada, accounting for at least $1 billion in annual prescription sales.

"If I'm breaking the law, fine," said Goes. "If they want to bring me to Washington and put me in jail, then their law says they have to give me my drugs in prison."

From the (Fall River, Mass) Herald News:
Pharmacist cracks down on patients
Tom Cory, owner of Standard Pharmacy on East Main Street, is asking customers who take pain medication to submit to pill counts, plan their vacations and out-of-town funerals around their medication needs, and to use common sense if carrying their pills on them.

"Sometimes they lose the wrong prescription," said Cory, referring to pain medications like OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. "They never lose blood pressure ... or cholesterol medication."

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