Tuesday, April 13, 2004

From the Boston Globe:
Canadian Internet pharmacies seek supplies
Canadian Internet pharmacies are turning to Europe for supplies, as pharmaceutical companies are choking off prescription drugs sent north of the border to stop the flow of cheap medicines back to the United States.

In the last six weeks, several drug makers have increasingly cut supplies to Canada, creating drug shortages for Internet pharmacies. Pfizer Inc., for example, cut off two Canadian wholesalers in February for supplying drugs to companies that were exporting them. Pfizer later resumed shipments to both companies after they agreed to stop doing so.

From the Aberdeen (SD) News:
Prescription importer draws criticism
A mail-order drug company opened in Sioux Falls Monday, immediately drawing complaints from state pharmaceutical representatives.

Brent Christopherson, president of Canada Drug of South Dakota, said he can save consumers up to 80 percent by helping them import prescription drugs from Canada.

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