Tuesday, April 13, 2004

From United Press International:
Canada pharmacies face shortage
Pharmacies in Canada are running short of key drugs as major pharmaceutical companies punish them for selling to U.S. seniors by cutting off supplies.

"Our pharmacies are under incredible pressure right now. The supply issue is drastic," Dave Mackey, president of the Canadian International Pharmacist Association, told reporters at a briefing Monday. "Unfortunately, the situation is rather dire."

In January, Pfizer cut off shipments of its drugs to more than 70 Canadian pharmacies that sell to U.S. customers. Company officials, who did not return phone calls by UPI's HealthBiz, have said they are concerned about their Canadian pipeline and that allowing the reimportation of drugs could lead to counterfeit products on the market, resulting in a health safety issue.

From the Winston Salem (NC) Journal:
Alamance County could let employees chance to buy drugs in Canada
Alamance County officials may join another North Carolina county and offer its employees the option of purchasing prescription drugs from Canadian suppliers.

County Manager David Cheek said he's examining a plan that would have employees receive their prescriptions from a Canadian drug supplier to try and offset the rising cost of health coverage.

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