Tuesday, April 13, 2004

From the Winnipeg Sun:
Drug cutbacks slammed
Canadians are being encouraged by an American organization to report cases when they are unable to get prescription medication due to supply cutbacks by pharmaceutical companies looking to stem the Internet drug trade. "It is appalling for us to contemplate a scenario under which U.S. drug companies create artificial shortages of lifesaving medicines in another country in the hopes of drying up the supply of lower-priced medications for American citizens," said Pam Solo, president of the Massachusetts-based Civil Society Institute.

"This approach hurts Canadian consumers. It hurts U.S. consumers. We want to make sure that drug companies are held accountable for any potentially life-endangering situations they may be creating."

From the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press:
Seniors group protesting Pfizer
Minnesota seniors organization on Monday announced a publicity campaign against drug giant Pfizer, saying the company seems to be succeeding in its efforts to block Americans from buying its drugs through Canadian pharmacies.

Leaders of the Minnesota Senior Federation, which runs a drug importation program for its roughly 6,000 members, said they hope to spark "10 days of outrage" before the company's annual meeting in St. Louis on April 22.

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