Saturday, April 17, 2004

From the National Post:
Transborder sales lift drug profits
Pharmaceutical companies actually stand to see larger profits if Americans continue to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, a study by a pair of Boston University researchers suggests.

Drugs sold in Canada are about 40% cheaper than those sold in the United States, spurring Americans to import their medications from Canadian pharmacies, particularly those based on the Internet.

From the Toronto Star:
Action urged on adverse reactions
Canadians need real answers as to why reports of adverse drug reactions have skyrocketed in recent years, according to the country's largest consumer group.

"We should be finding out why," says Joan Huzar, president of the Consumers Council of Canada. "We need to know, is there something wrong with the system for monitoring newer drugs? Or is it something else?"

Huzar calls for mandatory reporting of all adverse drug reactions and wants all new drugs to be placed on probation so consumers can know their true risks and benefits.

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