Thursday, April 01, 2004

From the Canadian Press:
Internet pharmacies issue 'cry for help' in face of dwindling supply
The Canadian International Pharmacy Association issued a "cry for help" to the industry's U.S. supporters Thursday, saying Internet pharmacies are being driven to the brink of collapse by sales restrictions imposed by drug manufacturers. By focusing their efforts on lobbying the U.S. government to legalize the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, sympathetic U.S. politicians have failed to realize there might not be any drugs left to buy, said executive director David MacKay.

Quebec-based drugstore chain Jean Coutu reported near deal for Eckerd
Shares of drugstore chain Jean Coutu Group traded higher and faster Thursday as the stock market anticipated a major acquisition by Canada's No. 2 pharmacy operator in the United States.

Fresh reports suggested the Quebec-based company is close to a deal to buy part of the giant Eckerd drugstore chain from J. C. Penney Co.

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