Sunday, April 04, 2004

Internet pharmacies line up in Winnipeg for accreditation program
Some Canadian Internet pharmacies are turning to an American accreditation program to reassure cautious U.S. states that want to set up websites to help uninsured people get cheaper drugs.

"What we are doing is satisfying the concern of the states and the individual citizens within the U.S. who are on the bubble a little bit about whether to purchase in Canada," said David MacKay, executive director of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

From the La Crosse (Wisc.) Tribune:
Hunting down a drug cost cure
Joan Geary of La Crosse started ordering her prescription drugs from Canada about three years ago after sending for a booklet that advertised pharmacies where drugs could be purchased by mail at big savings.

"I didn't realize it was illegal, but when your bills get up to $600, $700 a month, you have to do something," said Geary, who orders seven or eight prescriptions from a Canadian pharmacy for a total of $800 every three months.

Geary, 74, said she orders her drugs by phone or the Internet. The process is simple, and Geary said she believes it is safe.

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