Monday, April 19, 2004

From KVAL-TV (OR):
Canada Drug Supply To Close
The solution for many folks needing pricey medications has been to buy them from Canadian pharmacies. A local business that has been helping folks get low cost meds for over a year, is now closing.

The state pharmacy board is cracking down on the local business that's been helping folks save thousands of dollars. That means access to lower cost drugs will be difficult.

From the Fond du Lac (Wisc.) Reporter:
West Bend couple not worried about ordering drugs from Canada
Harvey and Betty Techtman of West Bend stopped at Canada Drug Service in Fond du Lac last week. They were in Fond du Lac to shop and have lunch. The couple, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this month, are in their 80s.

The Techtmans have been ordering prescriptions from Canada through another service and have no anxiety about the safety of drugs coming across the border.

“We live in Arizona during the winter,” said Harvey. “We know a lot of people from Canada, and they are all healthy-looking.”

From WTOP Radio:
Local County Debates Benefits of Importing Drugs
Montgomery County could save as much as $15 million a year if employees and retirees could import prescription drugs from Canada. There is debate being waged by county leaders as some members of the Council move in that direction.

Since February, officials have been studying potential savings from importing drugs from north of the border. Councilman Tom Perez says making bulk purchases of medications could produce substantial savings for employees, retirees and their dependents.

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