Wednesday, April 14, 2004

From the National Post:
Internet pharmacies clamp-down raises fear of shoddy drugs
Canadian Internet pharmacies may increasingly try to import offshore drugs to sell to U.S. customers as drug companies limit sales into this country, according to a Canadian law firm.

"Where the real mischief is going to lie is, as legitimate sources get cut off ... where do the Internet pharmacies that don't want to play by the rules source from?" asked Richard Dearden, a partner with Gowlings in Ottawa.

From the Sacramento Bee:
Canadian drugstores squeezed
California consumers who buy drugs from Canadian Internet pharmacies will soon see some of those prescriptions filled at drugstores in Europe, complicating legislative efforts to help U.S. patients buy cheaper drugs from north of the border.

Supplies of many popular brand-name prescriptions have become scarce in Canada in recent weeks as drug makers have begun making good on threats to halt medication sales to Canadian pharmacies that export those drugs to the United States.

From the Globe and Mail:
Internet pharmacy to buy in U.K.
In a bid to counter growing supply restrictions by multinational drug giants, Canada's leading Internet pharmacy is going global.Winnipeg-based said that by next week, it plans to give its largely U.S. customers the option of having their prescription orders shipped directly from several licensed pharmacies in Britain.

"Britain is a natural introduction of the global concept because, like Canada, it is considered to be a country with a very safe pharmaceutical sector," Dave Schioler, a Canadameds vice-president, said in an interview yesterday.

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