Friday, October 17, 2003

From the Canadian Press:
'Net pharmacies pose dilemma for U.S.
The Canadian prescription for brisk drug sales: sell to grateful Americans now paying much higher prices.

Some pharmacists, especially in Manitoba, are making more money than they ever dreamed possible.

From the Winona (MN) Daily News:
Pawlenty releases plan for lower-priced prescription drugs
Saying the federal government has been "asleep at the switch" on the issue of prescription drug costs, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he plans to make Minnesota the first state in the nation to help any of its residents buy lower-priced medications from Canada.

The state plans to create a Web site that lists Canadian pharmacies that meet Minnesota's standards for safety. State officials also will negotiate prices at which approved pharmacies will sell drugs here.

From CNN:
Governments eye Canada for cheap drugs
Despite safety warnings from U.S. agencies, Americans in growing numbers -- and even some governments -- are crossing the border into Canada to buy prescription drugs to save money.

From WFIE (IN):
Support Grows for Legalizing Imported Drugs
Despite the U.S. government's continued crackdown on imported prescription drugs, support for the cross-border trade is rapidly gaining momentum -- much of it from elected officials.

From the Indy Channel:
Board Goes After Store Selling Canadian Drugs
The Indiana State Board of Pharmacy is working with the Indiana Attorney General's office to shut down at least one of the six stores in the state selling Canadian prescription drugs.

From News 14 (NC):
State board challenges pharmacies
The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has filed a complaint against five companies that send prescription orders to Canada.

From the Boston Channel:
Lawmakers Seeking Ways To Lower Drug Costs
A growing number of state legislators are signing onto a multifaceted prescription drug bill designed to counter the rising cost of medication by negotiating better prices for state clients and employees.

The bill, which seeks to establish a bulk purchasing program and limit the drugs that can be prescribed, has been endorsed by at least 25 of the 40 state senators and 69 of the 160 members of the House of Representatives.

From the Des Moines (IA) Register:
Vilsack urges action to allow Canada drugs
Gov. Tom Vilsack on Wednesday encouraged Iowans to sign an online petition urging Congress and the Food and Drug Administration to legalize the purchase of prescription drugs from Canada.

"It is unconscionable that the same FDA-approved drugs purchased by consumers in Iowa and across the country are available in Canada for up to 50 percent less," Vilsack said. "This situation deserves the immediate attention of Congress and of the FDA."

From KCRG (IA):
Iowans Eyeing Drugs from Canada
One of the largest life expenses for seniors or those of you without insurance is prescription drugs.

But if you compare prices in the U.S. to those in Canada, there's often a savings of up to 75%.

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