Saturday, October 11, 2003

From the North Brunswick (NJ) Sentinel:
Prescription drug seller supports new bill
Ed Goldman supports a proposed drug reimportation bill, even though it may ultimately put him out of business.

Goldman, 77, said he began importing prescription drugs from Canada "as a service" for others after he was told he needed to go on Plavix, which keeps his arteries open and clear of cholesterol and fats.

From the Houston Chronicle:
Pharmacy refuses to stop selling Canadian drugs
Operators of an Amarillo drug store that fills prescriptions with drugs imported from Canada vow to continue the practice despite a state demand for them to stop.

From the (Portland) Oregonian:
Consumers have a new route to getting prescriptions filled
The nondescript storefront, tucked between a beauty shop and an insurance office, looks right at home in its suburban strip-mall surroundings.

But inside, a pharmaceutical revolution -- one already branded as illegal by the federal government's drug-regulation agency -- is taking place.

From the Indianapolis Star:
State is examining drug-ordering stores
A second order center for Canadian prescription drugs has opened its doors in Indianapolis and drawn a quick warning letter from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy.

Canada Drug Service, which is run by two employees in a storefront at 7004 N. Keystone Ave., is operating what amounts to an unlicensed pharmacy, the pharmacy board told the store's owner in a hand-delivered letter late last month.

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