Wednesday, October 15, 2003

From the Washington Times:
Support mounts for Canadian drug imports
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has unveiled an online petition drive aimed at pressuring the Bush administration to allow Canadian prescription drug imports.

The Governor is asking consumers to fill out an online petition in support of drug importation at

From the Charleston (WV) Gazette:
Governor launches Web site on importing Canadian prescription drugs
The governor of Illinois launched a Web site Tuesday that includes information about buying prescription drugs from Canadian companies to take advantage of lower prices there.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich also encouraged consumers to fill out an online petition in support of the proposal and appeared on NBC's "Today'' show to discuss the idea.

From the Boston Channel:
Reilly Wants Easier Access To Imported Drugs
Massachusetts Attorney General said that the prices of prescription drugs in the U.S. are too high, and he's looking across the boarder for a better deal.

NewsCenter 5's Janet Wu reported that Tom Reilly is demanding that the federal government set up a system to import cheaper, legal drugs from Canada. The city of Springfield is defying federal law by setting up it's own Canadian prescription drug program.

From the Buffalo (NY) News:
Federal regulators try to halt tide of Canadian drugs
The battle over importing prescription drugs is erupting into a border war of sorts.

Lured by the chance to cut costs in half, state governments hope to join the one city and legions of Americans who get their medicines from Canada, even as federal regulators and the pharmaceutical industry insist it's illegal and unsafe and step up efforts to stop it.

From the Green Bay (WI) News Chronicle:
Legislators, pharmacists react to Canada Drug Service opening
Traditionally, Americans look to Canada in search of maple syrup, a good hockey game and vacation spots.

Now many Americans - especially seniors - are looking to the neighbor to the north for low-cost prescription drugs.

From WBAY (WI):
Patients Seeking Cheaper Prescription Drugs
Since opening last week, Canada Drug Service in Green Bay has received more than a thousand phone calls, the company says. The company also claims consumers are finding savings of up to 85 percent.

From the Des Moines (IO) Register:
Dean open to buying drugs from Canada
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean said Monday night at a Council Bluffs senior center that if elected president, he would direct the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow the purchase of prescription drugs from Canada.

"There is no evidence that Canadian drugs are inferior in any way to U.S. drugs," Dean said, according to prepared remarks. "Our citizens should be permitted to realize the substantial savings of purchasing drugs by mail order from Canadian pharmacies."

From News 24 Houston:
Board to shut down companies crossing the border for cheaper prescriptions
Prescription drugs may be cheaper in Canada, but if you buy them from across the border, your days of low-cost medication may be numbered.

The Texas Board of Pharmacy says companies who provide discounted prescription drugs to patients by way of pharmacies in Canada are violating state law and will be shut down.

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