Tuesday, October 28, 2003

From Yahoo News:
Americans make long trek to Canada for affordable prescription drugs
It's not your idea of a typical drug run: two dozen pensioners on a coach headed for Canada in search of cholesterol-lowering drugs and blood pressure medication.

But lured by the prospect of big savings on their prescription drug bills, and subsidised by a US senator, 26 pensioners have turned out this day for the two-day, 1,100-mile (1,750 kilometer) roundtrip to the Canadian city of Winnipeg.

From the Alton (IL) Telegraph:
Governor’s plan stirs debate on Canadian drugs
Advocates of a plan by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to let state employees purchase prescription drugs from Canada say the medications are safe, and they hope the effort might help validate that claim.

Daniel Hines, publisher of the TodaysSeniorsNetwork.com Web site, andJeremy Cockerill, a co-owner of Universal Drugstore, a Canadian pharmacy that sells to U.S. customers, visited The Telegraph to talk about the issue Wednesday.

From the Chicago Sun Times:
Gov's study: Rx imports can save $91 mil.
Stepping up his campaign to import cheap prescription drugs from Canada, Gov. Blagojevich today will release a study finding that such imports could save Illinois $91 million per year.

From the Naples (FL) News:
Morton Kondracke: U.S. closer to drug reimportation
Disruptive and possibly dangerous though it may be, it seems inevitable that Congress will pass -- and that President Bush will sign -- legislation to permit mass reimportation of pharmaceuticals from Canada.

Members of the House-Senate conference on Medicare prescription drug legislation, increasingly optimistic that they will produce a bill soon, say importation is all but certain to be a part of their final measure.

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