Thursday, October 16, 2003

From the San Jose (CA) Mercury News:
FDA accused of favoring drug industry
Drug industry experts and a bipartisan group of legislators in the House of Representatives are charging that the Food and Drug Administration's campaign against importing prescription drugs is intended more to help the drug industry than to protect public health.

They accuse the FDA of overstating the health hazards of foreign drugs to help the drug industry defeat legislation legalizing the purchase, or "reimportation," of U.S.-made drugs from Canada and 24 other countries where drugs are less expensive than they are in the United States.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
Cheap drug imports - who wins?
Kathryn Stewart sees the impact of high drug prices first hand. Low-income patients frequently get released from her Chicago hospital with a supply of prescription medication that will last only two or three days. And they can't afford to buy more.

So when Americans head to Canada, either in person or via the Internet, to buy lower-cost drugs illegally, she applauds. Claims by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that such drugs are unsafe "has a hollow ring with the American public," says Dr. Stewart, medical director of care management at Mt. Sinai Hospital. It "makes the FDA look like it is just a protectionist arm for the US drug industry."

From the Chelsea (MI) Standard:
Dexter native opens American Drug Club store
If there is one thing that Dexter native Jay Wentzel knows how to do, it is help people.

Recently, Wentzel opened a store in downtown Jackson that enables people to access cheaper prescriptions through Canada.

FDA seeks to block counterfeit drugs
WHILE THE SUPPLY of prescription drugs in the United States is the safest in the world, FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan said there has been an increase in counterfeiting in recent years and criminals have become more sophisticated.

From the Durham (NC) Herald Sun:
Canadian drug sanctions sought
The N.C. Board of Pharmacy filed a legal complaint Wednesday seeking to shutter five offices that have been set up in western North Carolina to bring in cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

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