Saturday, October 04, 2003

From the Ottawa Citizen:
U.S. entrepreneur vows to fight U.S. government over importing Canadian drugs
Carl Moore has made - and lost - money lots of different ways. In oil. In water, too.

This time, he says, it feels different. As the founder of a chain of storefronts that help seniors buy cheap prescription drugs from Canada, Moore has a sense he is doing good and that his cause is worth the battle against state and federal regulators trying to shut him down. "I'm on a crusade," Moore declares in a deep voice with an Oklahoma twang.

From the Hampton Roads (VA) Daily Press:
Office orders from across border
A new business in Newport News is helping local consumers get cheaper prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the practice is illegal.

Canada Drug Service, a national chain based in Naples, Fla., opened a franchise in Denbigh Crossing Shopping Center this week.

From the Canadian Press:
Canadian drug exporter and FDA heading for legal showdown in U.S.
A Canadian exporter says it's willing to change delivery procedures and may stop selling some prescribed medications - including diabetes drugs - in the United States but vows it won't quit serving the U.S. market.

"We haven't considered that at all," CanaRX president Anthony Howard said in an interview Friday after the Food and Drug Administration threatened legal action against his company.

From Al-Jazeera:
US turns to Canada for cheap drugs
On both sides of the US-Canadian border, pharmacists, laboratories, consumers and politicians are engaged in a battle over the price of medicines.

In Canada, prices of pharmaceutical products are set by the government and as a result cost less than in the US.

The difference in price can be as much as 50% for similar products in the US.

From the Chicago Sun Times:
Blagojevich seeks probe of drug makers
Gov. Blagojevich called on Illinois' top law enforcement officer Thursday to investigate whether drug makers have conspired to keep consumers from buying low-cost drugs from Canada.

But Attorney General Lisa Madigan said she already has been reviewing whether to take legal action against manufacturers who limit supplies sent to Canadian wholesalers and pharmacies, which in turn sell their goods to Americans.

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