Thursday, October 09, 2003

From (RI):
Store Offers Canadian Prescription Drugs
Elie Rizk is a Canadian connection. He's a middle man hooking up local consumers with prescription drugs from Canada.

Rizk operates Canada Drug Source from a North Attleboro store front. He orders drugs for consumers from a Canadian pharmacy and the drugs are shipped directly to the consumer's home.

From the Pittsburgh Business Times:
Federal lawsuit fails to stop Rx Depot
Business is good at Rx Depot's storefront in Squirrel Hill, according to its owner George Risov. So good that its telephone answering machine still fills to capacity -- despite a federal lawsuit filed recently against the chain of stores that provides lower-cost medications from Canada to U.S. residents.

From the Washington Post:

Breast Cancer Drug Reduces Relapse Risk

A new drug cuts by nearly half the risk that older women who have survived early-stage breast cancer will suffer a relapse, according to the results of a large international study released yesterday.

The study, which was halted early so that the results could be made public, has the potential to change the way thousands of women are treated for one of the most common and feared malignancies, researchers said.

From the Akron (OH) Beacon Journal:
Study: Drug Cuts Breast Cancer Recurrence
Researchers were so encouraged by early results from a study on preventing breast cancer recurrence that they halted their work so more women can benefit from the findings.

The study, published online Thursday by the New England Journal of Medicine, showed breast cancer patients who follow up five years of tamoxifen treatment with letrozole, an estrogen suppressor, cut the risk of recurrence by nearly half.

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