Monday, October 20, 2003

From the Indy Channel (IN):
Eli Lilly Fights Drug Sales From Canada
Eli Lilly and Co. has placed controls on its drug sales to Canadian pharmacies, joining other U.S. drug makers that are trying to prevent their medications from being reimported and sold to consumers in the United States.

From the Texarkana (TX) Gazette:
Prescription drugs go on life support
The Texarkana Rx Depot location may have only opened a few months ago, but its life is on the line as the federal government takes aim in the courts.

From the Portland (ME) Press Herald:
Seniors flocking to mail-order medication
Thousands of Mainers are buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada over the Internet and by mail order, even while federal and state agencies across the country crack down on the practice, calling it illegal and unsafe.

From WOOD-TV (MI):
Canadian prescription drug store opens today in West Michigan
West Michigan residents can order prescription drugs from Canada, starting Monday, without having to cross the border.

The American Drug Club will open a store in Walker. The company has several other locations around the state, including one in Lansing.

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