Monday, March 01, 2004

U.S. biotechnology firms plan to move clinical trials, research to India
After moving hundreds of thousands of software jobs overseas, American companies are now looking at India to outsource research and clinical trials in biotechnology.

Officials from about a dozen U.S.-based pharmaceutical companies are in India to attend a three-day conference on biotechnology and explore possible tie-ups with Indian companies, which can do research for them at a fraction of what it costs in the United States.

(Editor's note: Not directly related to Canadian pharmacy. Interesting article on the basis that drug companies have repeatedly stated they have or will move operations out of countries that have price controls or weaker patent protection (Canada or Europe) and put them in countries that supports the industry (U.S). India currently has virtually no drug patent laws -- making them one of the most industry-unfriendly countries in the world from that presprective. However, India does have a well-educated work force that has much lower wage demands. Does lower labour costs override the philosophy of supporting strong patent laws and no price controls? You decide.)

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