Thursday, March 04, 2004

From the Boston Globe:
Minnesota pension fund presses Pfizer
Minnesota's state pension fund approved a shareholder resolution on Wednesday opposing efforts by Pfizer Inc. to cut off supplies to Canadian pharmacies that sell to Americans.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty described the resolution as a new front in a battle against pharmaceutical companies that charge high prices to Americans and then thwart efforts by states to shop around.

From the Washington Times:
Minnesota challenges Pfizer drug pricing
Minnesota's State Board of Pharmacy Wednesday adopted a resolution pushing pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to restructure its prescription drug pricing.

Minnesota pension funds currently hold more than $476 million in Pfizer stock and as a major shareholder can seek a change in global corporate policy that would keep the pharmaceutical company from reducing drug supplies in Canada.

From The (Memorial University) Muse (Newfoundland):
Pharmacists – the legal drug dealers
This week, pharmacy students at Memorial are attempting to raise awareness among students and the general public of pharmacists’ role in the community.

Pharmacy Awareness Week is taking place this week on the St. John’s campus. Second-year pharmacy students Johanna Goebel and Nadine Smith were among those informing the public of their future profession at a booth in the Smallwood Centre on Tuesday.

From the Toronto Star:
Internet Rx goes to court over export law
A Toronto-based Internet pharmacy is taking the federal government to court to try to halt an inspection it says aims to penalize it for selling cheap drugs to Americans.

The outcome of the case could determine whether online pharmacies are legally required to have Canadian doctors sign their customers' U.S. prescriptions before the drugs are shipped across the border.

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