Thursday, March 04, 2004

From the San Jose Mercury News:
Inexpensive drugs from Canada spur many to defy FDA
So the FDA is warning consumers away from Canadian pharmacies, and American drug companies threaten to cut off shipments to Canada if they continue to sell to Americans.

Carol Kleyensteuber couldn't care less.

She saves thousands of dollars each year by buying the cholesterol drug Zocor and other medications from Canada, where popular brand-name drugs are often sold at half the price found in the United States. And she's breaking federal law.

AARP Takes Drug Import Fight to Industry
The nation's largest advocacy group for retired people plans to appeal directly to the pharmaceutical industry to keep cheaper Canadian drugs available to Americans.

William Novelli, chief executive of AARP, said Wednesday that his group will write to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America in the next few days advocating its position.

From the (Madison, Wisc.) Capital Times:
Drug board blasts Doyle over Rx crisis
The state Pharmacy Examining Board says it has been left out of the Doyle administration's attempt to solve the crisis in prescription drug costs.

Sue Sutter, vice chairman of the board, found out during a Senate committee hearing that Gov. Jim Doyle had sent a team to Canada to evaluate the safety of three pharmacies so their ordering forms could be placed on a state Web site.

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