Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Online pharmacies scramble to save reputations
Major players in Canada's online pharmacies are meeting in Winnipeg this week, to discuss the problem of rogue websites that are threatening their $4 billion business.

David MacKay, executive director of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, says there's an emerging trend in bogus websites are pretending to be Canadian, but are actually selling American drugs.

These sites, he says, are putting pressure on an industry that's trying to prove that it's safe and reliable.

"We have been trying to differentiate ourselves from this 'buyer beware market'," MacKay said.

From KXTV-TV (Calif.):
Canadian Pharmacy Opens Storefront on Arden Way
A Canadian drug company defied federal law to open a storefront operation in Sacramento on Monday. In doing so, it has fired the latest salvo in the prescription drug pricing wars.

Northcare Drugs, which set up shop at 2730 Arden Way, is not a typical drugstore. There are no medications on the shelves. Instead, customers find only phone lines, computers, fax machines and workers taking prescriptions. The orders are send to Canada, with medications arriving by mail seven to 14 days later.

From the (New Hampshire) Union Leader:
Benson report finds
Canadian drugs safe

An “eye-opening” report vouching for the safety of prescription drugs reimported from Canada is in Gov. Craig Benson’s hands, potential ammunition in his attempt to lower drug costs for New Hampshire citizens, a key state official said yesterday.

Benson was in Washington yesterday meeting with federal Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. Benson has asked Thompson for waivers that would allow New Hampshire to reimport drugs from Canada.

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