Sunday, March 07, 2004

From the New York Times:
Looking to Canadian Web Pharmacies for Savings
Can Canadian Internet pharmacists provide a cure for high prescription drug prices in the United States? Or are they part of the problem? American regulators and lawmakers are split on the issue, even as the pharmaceutical industry continues trying to fight Canadian drug wholesalers and online retailers who have carved out a market south of the border.

From the Quad City (Iowa) Times:
Illinoisans flock to Canada for refills
They stare out the luxury coach windows with a collective gleam in their eyes, fidgeting with the same excitement children reserve for vacations.

For some, it is a vacation of sorts. For others, it’s a money-saving trip to the Promised Land of prescription drugs — Canada — where medications go for up to 50 percent less than the bill at a U.S. pharmacy.

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