Wednesday, March 24, 2004

From the Champlain (NH) Channel:
State Report Calls Canadian Drugs Safe, Cheap
Armed with a report that indicates that buying prescription drugs from Canada would be cheap and safe, Gov. Craig Benson traveled to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to meet with federal officials....

...The independent review focused on Canadian pharmacies, as well as the shipping process. To test the research, state officials ordered a number of different prescriptions online from Canada. They filled the same prescriptions from local pharmacies.

Both batches were taken to the state crime lab to look for any differences in the medicine, but Stephen said none were found.

From the Boston Globe:
Boston's leadership on Rx drug pricing (opinon written by Thomas M. Menino, mayor of Boston)
Biotech is a key component of our renowned life sciences and biomedical community, and as a growth industry it is also a key to Boston's future. I applaud the work biotech has done to develop cutting-edge treatments to address previously unsolvable medical problems, and I am proud of Boston's contributions in these areas. My support for the new $124 million biocontainment lab near Boston University Medical School demonstrates my desire to see Boston expand its role as a leader in the biotech industry.

Why, then, do I support a pilot project for importing medicines from Canada?

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