Monday, March 29, 2004

From WNNE-TV (NH):
Report Finds Canadian Pharmacy Safe, Clean
Gov. Craig Benson said Monday that a Canadian mail-order pharmacy provides safe prescription drugs at less cost than American pharmacies.

The governor released a fact-finding report from a pair of local pharmacists that visited in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as part of an ongoing effort to introduce cheaper, imported medicine to New Hampshire patients.

"Canada is not a third-world country, as some people in the drug industry might have us believe," Benson said.

From the
Salinas writes prescription for rocketing drug prices
Salinas retiree Ed Maples, 84, says he spends 70 percent of his pension and Social Security payment each month on prescription drugs and his health insurance premium.

His problem is one that two California Assemblymen hope to fix with their plan for lowering skyrocketing prescription drug costs.

Assemblyman Simón Salinas, D-Salinas, and Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer, D-Glendale, came to Clinica de Salud in Salinas on Friday to plug a package of bills called the "Affordable Prescription Drug Act of 2004."

From the Miami Herald:
Senior Citizens Increase Pressure for Drug-Importation Bill
An elderly couple sit on their living room couch, quietly eating their dinners from trays as they watch vivid television images of police using dogs to make a drug bust.

The announcer first warns of the high cost of illegal drugs to society, then quickly switches gears to call for lowering the price of prescription drugs, chiefly by allowing the importation of pharmaceuticals from Canada.

From Innovations Report:
U of T researchers one step closer to creating oral insulin
University of Toronto researchers have shown that "designer molecules" can interact with the body’s insulin receptor, a step toward the development of an oral medication for diabetes.

U of T professors Lakshmi Kotra, Cecil Yip, Peter Ottensmeyer and Robert Batey have created the first small molecules using the three-dimensional structure of the insulin receptor. A receptor is the site on the surface of a cell to which molecules with specific tasks, such as hormones, attach themselves. Insulin’s task is to initiate the utilization of sugar in the blood.

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