Monday, March 15, 2004

From the Canadian Press:
U.S. election putting pressure on Republicans to consider Cdn drug imports
So much for the golden years. Goodbye to the American dream.

Ray and Gaylee Andrews can't pay the property taxes on their suburban Chicago home, so they're putting it on the market next month.

From WOKR-TV (NY):
Weighing The Cost Of American Vs. Canadian Medicine
Plattsburgh Mayor Daniel Stewart says Canada may be the answer to the city's high employee health care costs.

The Press Republican of Plattsburgh reports that the mayor attended a presentation Saturday by the Canadian drug firm CanaRx.

From the Olympian (Wash.):
GOP feels pressure on Canadian drugs
The Bush administration and Republican congressional leaders are being forced to take a hard new look at the idea of importing cheaper prescription drugs from foreign countries as an election-year clamor grows for removing prohibitions.

Increases in prescription drug prices -- the fastest growing item in health care -- and the pitched partisan battle over the new Medicare law have given the topic greater prominence in Congress and on the campaign trail.

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