Monday, March 15, 2004

From the Seattle Times:
Seattle to look at Canadian drugs
The rising cost of prescription drugs is giving the city of Seattle a pain in the budget.

Some city leaders believe they've found a remedy: getting city workers to buy their medicines from Canada, where prices average 30 to 80 percent less for many drugs.

From the Providence (RI) Journal:
Pharmacists say drug pricing bill won't help
Steven Hochberg, who owns pharmacies in Rutland and Springfield, said he cringes when he has to tell a customer that a prescription will cost $100 or more.

But he traveled to Montpelier Monday to speak out against a legislative proposal to set price controls for prescription drugs, saying the tactic won't work and could hurt local businesses.

From the Nashville City Paper:
Senate panel to hear testimony from FDA
Concerns about importing lower cost Canadian drugs for use in the TennCare program will be aired Tuesday when a representative from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee.

State lawmakers are examining the possibility of starting a Canadian drug import pilot program with some state employees.

From the Miami Herald:
Drug Industry, California Clash over State's Credit Rating
A drug industry trade group charged Friday that Wall Street might lower California's credit rating if the state approved pending legislation to purchase prescription drugs from Canada.

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