Monday, March 08, 2004

From Yahoo News:
Medicare Pick Will Look at Safe Drug Imports
President Bush's nominee to run the Medicare program promised on Monday to help examine whether lower-priced prescription drugs can be safely imported, despite his aggressive stance against importation in his current job heading the Food and Drug Administration.

McClellan has drawn praise from Democrats and Republicans, but a few senators have threatened to hold up his nomination to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services because they are upset with his opposition to drug importation.

From the Flint (Mich.) Journal:
2nd storefront pharmacy offers drugs from Canada
Tushar Patel is making money in different ways. First, in cappuccino and bagels, and now by helping seniors and the uninsured buy cheaper drugs from Canada.

"I want to save seniors money on their medicines. That's my motive," said Patel, a former northern Oakland County resident who now lives in Troy.

From the Olympian (Wash.)::
Area seniors say Canadian mail-order drugs are safe
U.S. Food and Drug Agency officials say consumers are risking their health when they illegally import drugs from Canada, but local seniors say the government warnings are just an attempt to scare them.

Canadian government officials are also beginning to take a harder look at cross-border drug traffic because some American drug manufacturers are cutting off supplies to Canadian pharmacies set up to serve Americans.

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