Friday, March 05, 2004

From the (Portland) Oregonian:
Oregon Expected to Close Low-Cost Drug Business
The first business in Oregon to provide seniors and others with lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada will be shut down later this month under an agreement expected to be approved today by the state Board of Pharmacy.

The board's anticipated decision follows a pharmacy agency investigation into Canada Drug Service in Tigard. The agreement also means Canada Drug won't have to turn over its records, including the names of its estimated 300 customers and the prescriptions it filled for them, as a pending subpoena had asked.

From KGW-TV (Ore.):
State pharmacy board approves closure of prescription business
The state Board of Pharmacy on Friday ordered the closure of a Tigard business that provides low-cost prescription drugs from Canada.

The board reached agreement on the closure after an investigation into Canada Drug Service, one of about 15 such business in Oregon that send customers' prescriptions to a pharmacy in Vancouver, British Columbia, which in turn sends the medicines directly to the customers.

From the Green Bay (Wisc.) News Chronicle:
Doyle touts Canadian drug Web site
Mixing promotion for a new prescription drug Web site with shots at the federal government, Gov. Jim Doyle told an audience at the Brown County Aging Resource Center on Thursday he felt it was time to take action to help state residents.

The Web site, at, connects state residents with pharmacies in Canada where drug prices often are lower. The site only allows sales of refills on brand-name "maintenance" drugs, which are filled by the Canadian pharmacies via mail order. Doyle said the state was acting against the federal government, which was trying to stop the practice.

From WECT-TV (NC):
Canada Med Services still open
The North Carolina State Pharmacy Board has ordered one Wilmington company to close it's doors, but Canada Med Services remains open even two weeks after the ultimatum.

Dara and Carlen Singmaster say they are doing nothing illegal. They call themselves an Internet service provider that connects customers with pharmacies that provide cheaper prescription drugs.

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