Tuesday, March 02, 2004

From CBC Manitoba:
Ostracized drug wholesaler finds workaround
People in rural Manitoba won't have to go without drugs because of a dispute between a pharmaceutical company and Winnipeg-based wholesalers.

Last week, Pfizer cut off the supply of its products to Procurity Pharmacy Services, claiming the wholesaler was selling drugs to internet pharmacies, which do a booming business selling medicine to Americans at lower Canadian prices.

From CBC News:
Doctors, pharmacists cooperate to control patient's asthma
For asthmatics, relying on puffers three times a day is considered a lot. Emily Priegnitz of Hinton, Alberta was puffing three or four times a day.

"I purposely wouldn't go for walks or I purposely wouldn't partake in physical activity because of not being able to breath," said Priegnitz.

From the Iowa Channel:
Vilsack Waits On Canada Drug Plan
Gov. Tom Vilsack hasn't heard back from federal officials on his idea to make Iowa the first state to reimport prescription drugs from Canada.

Vilsack wrote U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson on Jan. 21 proposing a pilot program to test the idea.

From the Canadian Press:
US health officials say antibiotics may not be issued for most ear infections
Parents of cranky children with ear infections be warned. Antibiotics may no longer be what the doctor orders.

Two leading U.S. medical groups are expected to recommend this spring that doctors stop treating most pediatric ear infections with antibiotics, health officials said Tuesday. The move contradicts years of medical practice and is expected to upset weary parents of howling toddlers.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Falling back on Plan B is tough in most states
About once a week, a woman will come into Peter Lee's pharmacy in need of a Plan B. Because as with anything involving humans, particularly when it comes to sex, Plan A sometimes goes awry.

Lee, soft-spoken and discreet, doesn't know or particularly care what Plan A was or why it failed. Condoms break; a woman forgets to take her birth control pills on vacation; people who should know better end up a drink or two later having unprotected sex.

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