Tuesday, March 23, 2004

From CBC.ca:
Patient says drug mixup at Calgary hospital nearly killed him four years ago
A patient has come forward who survived the accidental administration of a deadly drug in a Calgary hospital four years ago. Last week two dialysis patients died when they were administered the wrong drug.

Don Lemna says officials promised to keep the drug under lock and key, and he wants to know why his near-fatal poisoning didn't prompt immediate changes in its handling.

From the Globe and Mail:
Antidepressant users require monitoring, U.S. agency says
Everyone who takes a popular class of antidepressants should be monitored because they may be at increased risk of suicide, U.S. drug regulators are warning.

The public-health advisory raises, by yet another notch, the growing concerns over a class of medications that are among the biggest sellers in the world.

From Fox News:
Minnesota Gov. Fights Drug Companies
Minnesota Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty hopes to use his state's pension system to take on U.S.-based Pfizer , the world's largest drug company.

Pfizer charges less for its medicines in Canada and other countries than it does in the United States. Pawlenty says that's wrong.

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