Thursday, March 11, 2004

From the Monroe (Wisc.) Times:
Canadian drug costs cheaper, but pharmacists wary
As prescription drug costs continue to escalate, consumers are looking for ways to save money on the medicine they need. Now their shopping includes logging on to a new Web site which allows Wisconsin residents to purchase medication from Canada at a cheap price.

The new Web site is geared toward those who don't have insurance and have to pay cash up front for their prescriptions since health insurance providers in the United States do not cover the cost involved with prescription drugs from Canada. Those who are paying cash may see the Web site as a relief to the ever rising price of prescription medication.

From the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times:
Imported drugs get initial nod
Approving two bills that seek to lower pharmaceutical costs for consumers and California, a state Senate committee took a first step Wednesday toward authorizing the state's importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

In an 8-2 vote, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed SB1144, authored by Sen. John Burton, D-San Francisco. If approved by the Legislature, it will allow the California Department of General Services to purchase drugs from Canadian sources. In another 8-2 vote, the committee also approved SB1149, authored by Sen. Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento. That bill authorizes California to set up a consumer Web site with links to Canadian pharmacies.

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