Thursday, March 11, 2004

Kerry endorses cheaper pills from Canada
Democrat John Kerry weighed in Tuesday on the prescription drug debate in the latest sign that importing cheaper medicines from Canada is fast becoming a major U.S. election issue.

Kerry, the presumed presidential candidate for his party in this fall's election, said he supports imports as he met seniors in Evanston, Ill., to outline his drug agenda.

From the Evanston (Ill.) Review:
Suburban couple in national spotlight
Late last month, the Elk Grove couple took their concerns about rising prescription drugs costs to Washington D.C. and, along with Blagojevich, announced the filing of a major class-action lawsuit.

Blagojevich said the suit seeks to reform laws that put an undue financial burden on seniors across the nation.

"Ray and Gaylee are asking the courts to tell the FDA to respect people's rights to make their own medical decisions and allow them to buy safe, affordable drugs from Canada. Others in circumstances like the Andrews may be able to join this effort to change once and for all a law that discriminates against seniors and sick people in our country who can't get the drugs they need at the price they can afford," he said.

From KCRA-TV (Calif.):
Lawmakers Urged To Pass Prescription Drug Bills
The state Senate Health and Human Services Committee took up the issue of affordable prescription drugs Wednesday.

A group of seniors lobbied lawmakers to pass bills that would allow the state and make it easier for individuals to buy drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

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